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Why the Cactus?

As you look at the cactus, it is actually holding up a strong arm (or two)! But mostly, the cactus lives in one of the harshest environment,

yet still strives and lives fully.

As we live through life's challenges and struggles at times, we always keep pushing forward to become the strongest version of ourselves.

This is why we created your online fitness sanctuary.

Your own personal space, your very own online club.

We bring you all the tools you need to live strong.

Our goal is to help you reach new milestones in your fitness journey.

Either it being the beginning of a new adventure, or the need for new and inspiring fitness programs and motivation,

this is the place just for you.

We aim at giving you the tools you need to build confidence in your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey.

We strive at making you live your best life...

but mostly


Welcome to

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living your

strong life

        Your fitness sanctuary          


offers you everything for your fitness goals & healthy lifestyle..


All you have is a pair of dumbbells? We got your covered with our variety of dumbbell workouts.


We have everything you need for your weight loss goals.


Work on different fitness goals such as toning your body and building muscles.


Your access is unlimited and 24/7. We update our resources monthly for you to work with fresh material.


Stay up to date with your nutrition through our healthy tips and workshops. Learn about living healthy and other interesting subjects about fitness.


Get on our 21 DAY 2 FIT fat-loss challenge to change your daily habits and start a new routine to live a fit life.


Our HIIT and Tabata workouts will get your cardio going without needing to run or use a cardio machine!


Get better at running with our Running Challenge.


Visit our store for the best supplements and workout equipment.



Meet Vluci Fitness

Vluci Fitness was founded by Vanessa Luciani, a former basketball pro athlete and elementary school teacher. 

Vanessa Luciani is now a Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Expert. She has been a certified personal trainer and nutrition & lifestyle coach for almost 10 years. 

Vanessa started Vluci Fitness to empower other people to take their health and lifestyle to a higher standard in order to live their full lives. She feels that she has something to teach and a story that many other women can relate to. She wants people to move because they thank their bodies for being able to do so and eat well because they love their bodies and want to reward it for all the hard work.

After living herself, a very unhealthy lifestyle as she was wrapped up in her professional career, she made a decision to not live that kind of life. She wanted to feel as strong as she did as an athlete but with better knowledge about finding a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

She embarked on a journey for herself, but little did she know that she would make a career out of it and become a fitness and lifestyle expert, in order to pay it forward and help others learn to live their best lives. 

Through her last 10 years as a fitness professional, she has been helping people find their own balance and live a healthy lifestyle. 

As she develops a team of professional to help you, she offers you your very own Fitness Sanctuary, a place where no judgement is welcome, only learning and evolving into the strongest version of yourself.

As a former athlete, she knows what it is to be disciplined and what it takes to reach goals. She is the motivation and the knowledge. All you need is to use it all and achieve your own fitness and health goals by learning that you are stronger than you.....and by LIVING YOUR STRONG LIFE.

"I want every woman to find out that she can not only live her best life, but that she can live her strong life. Living your strong life doesn't mean strong just physically, but more importantly, emotionally and spiritually. That is what I hope to inspire to, daily."   -Van

Meet Rita Mouaouiya

Rita Mouaouiya est une entraineuse personnelle certifiée. Elle a 30 ans et 2 enfants. Elle est passionnée par le sport depuis qu'elle est toute petite, en jouant au Hand-Ball à Paris pendant 9 ans. 
En arrivant au Québec en 2012, elle commence à s’intéresser au fitness, et la voilà 9 ans plus tard, entraîneur privé. Sans oublier son addiction aux recettes saines ! Le mix idéal pour un équilibre de vie saine!
Rita est connue pour sa détermination, son enthousiasme et son énergie contagieuse. 
Sa citation préférée: «De petits pas, mènent à de grands changements!»

Meet Naika Merolan

Naika Merolan  started her personal fitness journey about 6 years ago. She embraces how much it has changed her for the better.

She has been forging her character since then and paying it forward with her enthusiasm and mindset.

Her goal is to empower everyone she crosses paths with to become the best version of themselves. She believes that includes both the mental and physical aspects, and that the rest will follow.

She is inspired to be able to empower other women to LIVE THEIR STRONG LIVES.

Meet Karla Gomez De La Peña

Karla Gomez De La Peña is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Breathwork Coach and Skylight Yoga Instructor.

Her greatest passion is bringing the age old concept of self healing to our current society that has lost many of its natural proactive abilities and instead has become dependent on receiving synthetic treatments and medicine passively. Her goal is to inspire as many people as she can to learn to trust their instincts, get to know and love themselves as they are and help them connect the dots of their present state of health through her Ayurvedic and energetic therapies, empowering Breathwork workshops, Awakening Movement online courses, Ayurvedic Self Awareness classes, Essential oils and healing through Yoga.


Her modality of choice for personal growth and introspection that is capable of changing your mental and emotional wellbeing

in just one session is Breathwork - it leaves you feeling energized, clear and more connected to your truth.  Lunaveda was born from Karla’s own health issues from childhood Asthma and Psoriasis later on in life.  Her desire to heal herself naturally led her to “accidentally” discovering Ayurveda and trained with Vaidya Anita Sharma, a 3rd generation Ayurvedic Dr. as well as having had the opportunity to study and learn yoga from Sri Sudarshan at Skylight Yoga.

Karla sees life through an Ayurvedic lens where the unexplainable can be explained through ancient holistic approaches, believing in yourself, your personal power and trusting that the universe has divinely conspired to help you live your highest, best and strong life. 

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